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          Nanyang Wancheng Area Industrial Belt Co, LTD is found in 2012.It is a professional manufacturer of elevator belts, PU timing belts and timing pulley, including cutting moulds, joined moulds and all of processing and production timing belts machines. Factory is located in the Gaomiao country Nanyang ctiy Henan province. The production machines supervised by Italian senior engineers, the machine parts and raw materials are imported from Italy, the United States etc.,. The quality and looking can be competitive with imported timing belts. Also specialized in processing such as grooves, punch, cleats, guide bars etc., Qingrui  PU timing belts has been won the high reputation and obtained the customers affirmation since 2012.Thank you for your supporting, we hope ourselves have continuous improving and your cooperation.


    E-mail: 1362976744@qq.com

    電話:13715446519 18829910901

    銷售地址: 廣東省佛山市順德區樂從平步工業區南二路

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